Photo: Naomi Dodds
I am a poet, translator, and performer working across idiosyncratic transcription exercises.

I am a co-founder and performer with the Toronto Experimental Translation Collective, who attempt to self-immolate using language, but also to push the practices of translation beyond the tongue and further into the body.

I am on the editorial collective of Barricade: A Journal of Antifascism & Translation who bring important political and poetic texts into the English speaking-world for the first time.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Comparative Literature (Research-Creation) at the University of Toronto, where I seek to “know” by experience, by repetition, by incantation. I am interested in women’s life-writing, and how such a life comes to be.

My first book of poetry, Drank, Recruited, is out with Guernica Editions (2023). You can order it here.


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